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La lotta di classe nel XXI secolo

La Lotta di classe nel XXI secolo [The 21st-Century Class War] is a worldwide investigation into the reasons behind the decline of democracy, labour and trade unions in the era of globalisation.

The book analyses the war of capital against labour under the illusion of the common good and provides a historical and very current background to the political dynamics that have driven the Left to abandon the defence of labour, thereby critically affecting the much-discussed growing social inequalities, the causes of which we do not, however, understand in detail.

From the main European countries to the United States, and from South America to Asia, the book manages to grasp and summarise the common strategies and causes of this decline, presenting the world as a large political community within which, playing on the myth of "social peace", there has been an attempt to conceal the persistence of class conflict, which is gradually becoming stronger. It is in fact by letting capital take the upper hand – by raising it to the rank of superior interest – that politics has allowed it to expand without limits and erode, step by step, the share of wealth allotted to the masses in the form of income and welfare.

As the concentration of economic power in the hands of a few large multinationals – a concentration now out of political control – progresses ominously, this investigation allows citizens and specific categories such as politicians, journalists and trade unionists – to name but a few – who are separated by physical and cultural differences, to reflect on the common reasons for the ongoing crisis, and to give another face to so-called globalisation: to become aware of the inevitable return of class warfare and of the possibility of creating a true alternative to the collapse of democracies and social wellbeing.

This book gives readers a wealth of international bibliographical sources, important statements by political leaders, research carried out in different corners of the globe, as well as references to articles in the world's main daily newspapers, which, extraordinarily, concur on a few great truths.

Finally, by quoting authoritative empirical and statistical studies, the author offers a new economic theory that goes beyond traditional economic paradigms and reveals the principal mechanisms of the great inequality machine, traced to in a complex alchemy of legal and organisational norms used by multinationals to spread throughout the world.


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